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Florida Road, Durban

South African Institute of Architects Conservation Award 1997


Quarters Hotel has been formed by incorporating four Edwardian buildings and one of the outbuildings making up a block bounded by three roads. The interiors of the houses have been converted to en-suite bedrooms while the outbuilding has been converted into a drinks room. A newly constructed gazebo to serve breakfasts and lunches encloses a courtyard with the drinks room.

There was only one house listed for its architectural merit. Constructed in 1903, it was in a dilapidated state, unfit for habitation. The remaining buildings had been so inappropriately altered over time that they were not considered worthy of listing. The buildings were restored using the original drawings to inform decisions. In many cases the houses required reconstruction, particularly the neighbouring house which was originally a matching pair with the listed building.

The gazebo is a new structure designed to be in context with the original buildings. The building acts as a focus to the group, from which breakfasts and lunches are served. A courtyard formed with the drinks room is a tranquil outdoor space. Curved walkways with steel brackets link the buildings.